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Employing subcontractors from Poland - questions about the contract for work and labour

The employment of Subcontractors from Poland can be an attractive option for companies in Germany in order to to access labour flexibly and reduce costs. When working with Polish subcontractors, however, it is important to consider the legal and contractual aspects, particularly with regard to the Contract for work. In this article, we will shed light on some important questions about contracts for work and labour with subcontractors from Poland and give you tips on how you can best prepare for them.

What is a contract for work?

A contract for work is an agreement between a client and a subcontractor, where the subcontractor performs a specific work or service. In the case of subcontractors from Poland, this can be, for example, the construction of a building, the creation of software or the performance of clearance work.

What questions should be clarified in the contract for work?

Here you can find out which key issues need to be clarified in the contract for work and services in order to create a clear and binding framework for the collaboration and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

  1. Service description: Clarify exactly what services the subcontractor is to provide. This includes both the scope and the quality of the work.
  2. Price and terms of payment: Agree a fixed price for the work or service and clearly define the terms of payment, including due dates and any instalments.
  3. Liability and warranty: Define the subcontractor's liability for defects or damage and regulate the warranty periods for the services provided.
  4. Secondary obligations: Also consider ancillary obligations such as the provision of materials or tools that the subcontractor needs to carry out the work.
  5. Cancellation and contractual penalties: Specify the conditions for possible cancellation of the contract and any contractual penalties in the event of breaches of the agreed conditions.

Additional information

When employing subcontractors from Poland, companies should also take cultural and linguistic differences into account. Open and respectful communication is crucial for successful cooperation. In addition, it is advisable to familiarise yourself with the current legal and economic situation. General conditions in Poland to gain a better understanding of the local business environment and working conditions. Companies can benefit from the growing economic opportunities in Poland, as the country has a stable economy and continuous growth. With the right preparation and partnership with experienced service providers such as Temporary Work International companies can ensure that they benefit optimally from the advantages of working with subcontractors from Poland.

Careful preparation is everything

Careful preparation is essential before concluding a work contract with a Polish subcontractor. Make sure that you record all relevant details in writing and clarify any open questions in advance. A clear and transparent agreement forms the basis for successful collaboration.

Your partner for cooperation with subcontractors from Poland

As a leading provider of personnel services and Procurement of subcontractors in Europe is at your disposal Temporary Work International as a reliable partner. With our extensive network of qualified Polish subcontractors and our many years of experience in the field of work contracts, we can offer you customised solutions for your projects. 

Employing subcontractors from Poland via a work contract offers numerous opportunities, but also harbours a number of legal and contractual challenges. By clarifying the above questions in advance and agreeing on a transparent and clear agreement with your subcontractor, you can ensure a successful collaboration. If you need additional support or have further questions, Temporary Employment International can help you. With our expertise and experience, we are at your side to successfully implement your projects. 

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