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Consequences of digitalisation for subcontractors from Eastern Europe

In the past, many tasks were carried out manually, but with the advent of digital technologies, many processes have been automated. This can have both positive and negative effects.

In recent years, digitalisation has had a profound impact on various industries and business models worldwide. This change has also Subcontractor from Eastern Europe have not been left untouched. In this article, we will take a closer look at the consequences of digitalisation for subcontractors from Eastern Europe. One of the most obvious effects of digitalisation on subcontractors from Eastern Europe is the change in work processes. On the one hand, automation makes it possible to more efficient execution of tasks, which saves time and resources. On the other hand, some jobs could become redundant due to automation, which could pose a challenge for subcontractors from Eastern Europe.

Digitalisation and market competition: challenges and opportunities for Eastern European subcontractors

Another aspect that subcontractors from Eastern Europe need to consider in connection with digitalisation is increased competition. The ability to offer services and products online allows companies from all over the world to enter the same market. This means that subcontractors from Eastern Europe are not only competing with local competitors, but also with companies from other countries that may have more advanced technologies and resources.

Despite these challenges, digitalisation also offers new opportunities for subcontractors from Eastern Europe. For example, digital platforms and marketplaces can enable these companies to Services to a global audience accessible. By using online marketing strategies, they can reach potential customers all over the world and significantly expand their reach.

In addition, digital tools and technologies can help subcontractors from Eastern Europe to optimise their business processes and increase their efficiency. From project management software to cloud-based collaboration tools, there are a variety of solutions that can help them improve their workflows and stay competitive.

However, it is important to note that the transition to digitalisation is not without its challenges.

Overview of the consequences of digitalisation

In the modern working world, digitalisation is a driving force that is reshaping numerous industries. For subcontractors from Eastern Europe, this change has specific implications that offer both challenges and opportunities.

The study "Study: Status of digitalisation in the construction industry" blog by the Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering (2023) provides further insights into this topic. It illustrates how Adaptation to digital trends is important for the competitiveness of subcontractors.


These flexible labour solutions enable companies to, to seasonal fluctuations, project requirements or unexpected staff shortages to react. Digitalisation brings both opportunities and challenges for subcontractors from Eastern Europe. It enables these companies to respond more efficiently to market requirements and offer their services more easily via digital platforms. At the same time, however, it requires investment in technology and training. employees to keep pace with rapidly changing technological requirements.

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