Subcontractors in the construction industry

Why you need subcontractors: Differences between subcontractors and sub-subcontractors

Subcontractors play an important role in today's economy, but so do subcontractors. Why do you need subcontractors and what are the differences? In this article, we will discuss why you need subcontractors. We will also explain the differences between subcontractors and sub-subcontractors.

What is a subcontractor?

A subcontractor is an independent contractor who receives an order from a main contractor or general contractor. The latter then passes on parts of this order to subcontractors. The subcontractor acts as and is responsible for the majority of the communication and coordination. between the various parties. He is responsible for the legal and organisational management of the project. He also ensures that the work is carried out according to the specifications and schedules of the main contractor.

Why do you need subcontractors?

Working with subcontractors offers many advantages for companies. Here we list a few advantages:

  1. More efficient project management: By taking over the communication and coordination between the parties, they simplify project management. This makes work easier for the main contractor. The project can be completed more efficiently.
  2. Specialisation and quality: Subcontractors often have specific knowledge and experience in certain areas. In this way, they ensure that the services are of high quality. They fulfil the requirements of the main contractor.
  3. Expansion of the company network: Subcontractors can expand the main contractor's business network and establish new, potentially useful contacts for the future.

Overall, subcontractors contribute to increasing the efficiency, quality and network reach of a company.

Difference between subcontractor and sub-subcontractor

Subcontractors work directly for the main contractor and are only for their project part responsible. Subcontractor have greater responsibility. They coordinate and manage the work of several subcontractors.

The subcontractor assumes the role of the general contractor vis-à-vis the subcontractors. It acts as Link between them and the main contractor.

Advantages of a subcontractor for project management

Subcontractors simplify project management and expand the company network. They also offer further Advantages for project management. These include the following:


Flexibility: Subcontractors can react quickly to new requirements and changes and adapt their resources accordingly
Cost efficiency: By delegating some tasks to subcontractors, subcontractors can save costs and make the project more cost-efficient.
Time saving: Subcontractors can handle several subtasks at the same time, which saves time and allows the project to progress more quickly.
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Important factors when selecting a subcontractor

Several factors should be considered when selecting a subcontractor. These include the following points:

  1. Experience and references: Pay attention to the subcontractor's experience in your industry and ask for references to check their reliability and performance.
  2. Qualifications and competences: Make sure that the subcontractor has the necessary qualifications and expertise for your project.
  3. Communication and coordination: Evaluate the subcontractor's ability to communicate effectively and coordinate the work of its subcontractors.
  4. Financial stability: Check the financial stability of the subcontractor. This will ensure that they have the necessary resources for the project.

Careful selection based on these criteria ensures that the subcontractor can contribute reliably and efficiently to the success of your project.


Subcontractors are a Important component of today's business life and contribute to the Project management to simplify the quality and expand the corporate network.

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