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Difference between main contractors and subcontractors

As you may know, the construction industry is very complex. Many people work together to complete a construction project. The main contractor and subcontractor are the two central links here.

What are main contractors and subcontractors and how do they differ?

The main contractor, also known as the general contractor, is the construction company that concludes the main contract with the building owner (client). The main contractor bears overall responsibility for the execution of the construction project. He also ensures that all work is carried out in accordance with the contractual agreements and specifications.

Subcontractors are specialised companies or individuals who are commissioned by the main contractor. They are tasked with specific parts or aspects of the construction project. They have expertise and skills in specific areas such as electrics, plumbing, roofing, painting and more.

What are the responsibilities and tasks?

Project management: The main contractor is responsible for the entire project management and the coordination of all activities on the construction site.
Contract administration: He is responsible for the administration of and compliance with the main contract with the client.
Scheduling and budget control: The main contractor ensures that the project is completed on time and within budget.
Quality assurance: He monitors the quality of the work to ensure that it complies with building regulations and standards.
Safety management: The main contractor ensures compliance with safety regulations on the construction site.
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Tasks of the subcontractor

Specialised work: The subcontractor carries out specialised tasks assigned to it by the main contractor, e.g. electrical installation, pipework, plastering.
Compliance with specifications: The subcontractor shall work in accordance with the specifications and standards set by the main contractor
Reporting: He reports regularly to the main contractor on the progress of his work
Safety guidelines: The subcontractor must comply with the safety guidelines on the construction site

There is a main contract between the client and the main contractor. This is where the important points such as costs, time frame and others are clarified. The main contractor then has a contract with the subcontractor. Here he clarifies his costs, the time frame and the scope of the work.

By involving subcontractors, the main contractor can better distribute risks. Subcontractors are responsible for their specific work and are liable for errors or delays in their area. Working with subcontractors offers flexibility and scalability, as the main contractor can hire different subcontractors to cover different tasks depending on the project requirements.

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