co-operation with subcontractors

Consequences of digitalisation for subcontractors from Eastern Europe

In the past, many tasks were carried out manually, but with the advent of digital technologies, many processes have been automated. This can have both positive and negative effects. In recent years, digitalisation has had a profound impact on various industries and business models worldwide. This change has not left subcontractors from Eastern Europe untouched. In this [...]
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work contract

Legally compliant contracts for work and services - What you should bear in mind when concluding contracts for work and services

When contracts are awarded to external companies, this is often done on the basis of a contract for work and labour. Read about the rights and obligations of the client and the contractor, what regulations a contract for work and labour should contain and how the contract for work and labour differs from other contract models. For certain activities, it makes sense not to have them carried out by your own staff, but to [...]
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subcontractors for construction

Legally protected: The most important points in the contractual relationship with subcontractors in the construction industry

Do you have a construction project and work with subcontractors? Then legal protection is essential. In this blog article, you will learn which contractual principles are important to avoid conflicts and ensure successful collaboration. From the definition of subcontractors to payment modalities and conflict resolution - here you will find all the important information for a successful [...]
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