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Are you looking for subcontractors? For years, we have been successfully placing subcontractors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and other Eastern European countries worldwide by bringing clients and contractors together. Our worldwide network enables us to find certified subcontractors for IndustryLogistics, Welding technology, Building trade, production, electrical engineering within a short time for you.  

We guarantee the rapid provision of highly qualified subcontractors with impeccable references and comprehensive knowledge of German. Thanks to our database of Eastern European subcontractors, we can respond efficiently to your personal needs while prioritising quality and efficiency.

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Our Service for Yours Company:

By placing subcontractors, we offer companies several advantages, especially in industries where the work is seasonal, project-based or specialised:

Transparent prices

Tested subcontractors with the best professional qualifications at fair prices

Fast availability

Our subcontractor teams speak German, are available quickly and can be deployed flexibly.

Worldwide mediation

Our subcontractors are used to working at locations worldwide within a short space of time.
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Subcontractor Mediation - Your Advantages:

Flexibility and scalability through the use of labour in line with current requirements
Risk minimisation through the use of external partners, especially when it comes to costs, time frames or specific requirements.
Focusing on core competences by outsourcing certain tasks or functions to subcontractors.
Increased efficiency with our legally compliant contracts for work and labour
Cost minimisation through transparent prices and no long-term employment contracts
Highly qualified, German-speaking staff available within the shortest possible time
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How the mediation works

Are you looking for a subcontractor? Let us know your Personnel requirements and we will find suitable subcontractor teams for your order. We take care of all organisational and administrative tasks, handle all forms and approvals and ensure that deadlines, agreements and quality of work are met.


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Important aspects

What is with the Labour with Subcontractors from Eastern Europe to pay attention?

When working with subcontractors from abroad, there are a number of specific aspects that companies need to consider to ensure smooth cooperation and minimise potential risks. 

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Find You today still suitable Subcontractor:

Make a non-binding enquiry and find highly qualified subcontractors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Eastern Europe for your project. We dispatch:

Frequently asked questions

Subcontractor placement is a service in which an intermediary helps contractors find qualified subcontractors to provide certain services as part of a larger project.
Labour law provisions, the German Temporary Employment Act (AÜG), possible liability issues and compliance regulations must be observed during the placement process. In addition, contracts should be clear and unambiguous in order to avoid misunderstandings or legal disputes.
Risks include the selection of unreliable or unqualified subcontractors, unclear liability relationships, payment defaults and non-compliance with legal provisions, which can lead to legal consequences.
The placement process usually begins with an analysis of the client's requirements, the selection of suitable subcontractors, a check of qualifications and references, contract negotiations and ends with the signing of the contract.
The agent is responsible for selecting and introducing suitable subcontractors. Under liability law, however, the client usually remains responsible for the subcontractors, unless other arrangements have been made.
The intermediary needs detailed information about the project, the necessary qualifications, deadlines, specific requirements and the budget in order to be able to suggest suitable subcontractors.
Quality assurance can be achieved through pre-selection of audited subcontractors, continuous evaluation of work performance, regular inspections and contractually agreed quality standards.
The costs vary depending on the agency service and the scope of the project. They can be incurred as a percentage of the order value, as a lump sum or in the form of hourly or daily rates.
By selecting experienced subcontractors with positive references, clear contractual agreements, set deadlines and regular monitoring of project progress.
In the event of conflicts, the mediator can act as a neutral third party to support communication and find solutions. In addition, mediation or arbitration clauses can be agreed in the contracts in order to have a structured procedure in the event of a conflict.