Subcontractor bricklayer
Subcontractor bricklayers from Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia

Personnel from Eastern Europe for bricklaying work

Do you need staff for bricklaying work?

As a personnel service provider we offer qualified subcontractors in the field of bricklaying. Our offer gives you access to experienced Skilled labour from Eastern Europethat your Building projects competently and efficiently. Do you need subcontractors for bricklaying work?

We place subcontractors from Eastern Europe who specialise in various types of bricklaying work:

New construction: Construction of residential buildings, commercial properties and public buildings.
Refurbishment: Renovation and repair of existing buildings.
Specialised work: Facing brickwork, exposed brickwork and restoration of historic buildings.
Concrete and reinforced concrete work: Construction of foundations, walls and ceilings.
Subcontractor bricklayer
subcontractor building construction

Use of environmentally friendly materials

Our bricklaying subcontractors use environmentally friendly materials to promote the sustainability of your construction projects. They use

  1. Recycled building materials
  2. Energy-efficient insulation materials
  3. Ecologically compatible bricks and blocks

Through the conscious use of resources, our Subcontractor contribute to reducing the environmental reduce and sustainable building practices. These environmentally friendly measures not only help the Environment, but can also Reduce operating costs and increase the value of your buildings in the long term.

Technological innovations in the construction industry

Our bricklaying subcontractors use state-of-the-art technologiesto increase the efficiency and precision of their work. The use of Drones enables detailed aerial photographs and inspections of construction sites, while 3D printing technologies produce fast and precise modelling and components. Building Information Modelling (BIM) is used to optimise the entire construction process. digital planning and monitoring. These technologies not only improve the quality and accuracy of construction work, but also speed up the construction process and Minimise errors and delays.

Integration of subcontractors in large construction projects

Our subcontractors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Eastern Europe play a key role in the realisation of large construction projects. By working closely with contractors and other specialists, they ensure that all Construction phases run smoothly

They are flexible and adaptable, which makes them ideal partners for complex and extensive projects. You take over Specialised taskscoordinate with other craft businesses and thus make a significant contribution to the success of large-scale projects. Building projects with. Their ability to integrate quickly into existing teams and work effectively is a decisive advantage.

We at Temporary Work International attach great importance to establishing and maintaining long-term partnerships and co-operations with our subcontractors and customers. Through regular Communication and Transparent co-operation we create an environment of trust that is beneficial for both sides.

Long-term relationships enable us to better understand and respond to the needs and expectations of our partners. This leads to a higher Satisfaction and one continuous improvement of our services. By focussing on stability and continuity, we offer our customers reliable and consistent support for their construction projects:

Regular communication: Frequent dialogue keeps everyone involved up to date.
Transparent collaboration: Open and clear communication creates trust.
Understanding needs: Long-term relationships help us to better recognise requirements and expectations.
Continuous improvement: feedback and adjustments lead to better services.
Stability and continuity: A reliable partnership ensures long-term success.

Increased efficiency through specialised teams

The bricklayers work in specialised teamswhich are each focussed on specific tasks. This Increases efficiency and ensures that each team member does exactly what they do best. From laying the foundations to Completion of the masonry - Our teams are perfectly harmonised.

SIA Standard 118 - An important basis

For construction projects, compliance with the SIA Standard 118 of crucial importance. This standard regulates the general conditions for Construction work and ensures that all parties involved, from the client to the subcontractor, have clear and fair contractual conditions. The SIA Standard 118 includes aspects such as the Service description, invoicing, acceptance and liabilityThis contributes to smooth project handling and minimises legal uncertainties.

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Are you a subcontractor in the bricklaying trade looking for employees for your projects or do you need experienced skilled labour for your Construction projects from Eastern Europe? We are happy to assist you! We efficiently and easily place suitable employees from Eastern Europe.

  • Project management: We offer support in planning and reviewing your projects.
  • Training courses: Our subcontractors receive regular training to keep them up to date with the latest technology and safety regulations.
  • Quality assurance: We carry out regular inspections to ensure that all work meets the highest standards.
  • Customer support: We offer comprehensive support and are always there for you to answer questions or solve problems.

With Zeitarbeit International, you can rely on a committed partner who will support you every step of the way.

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