subcontractor civil engineering

Subcontractors in the construction industry: reasons for using them, problems, challenges, what to look out for and how to find the right one

Im Baugewerbe spielen Subunternehmer eine wesentliche Rolle. Sie bringen spezialisierte Fähigkeiten und Kenntnisse mit, die für den erfolgreichen Abschluss von Bauprojekten entscheidend sind. Der Einsatz von Subunternehmern kann jedoch auch eine Reihe von Herausforderungen und Problemen mit sich bringen. Eine erfolgreiche Zusammenarbeit mit Nachunternehmen erfordert klare Kommunikation, detaillierte Verträge, regelmäßige Qualitätskontrollen und den Aufbau langfristiger […]
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work contract

Correct invoicing of work contracts

If work is carried out by an external company on the basis of a contract for work and labour, the question arises as to how the services provided are invoiced by the contractor. Among other things, billing on an hourly wage basis is possible. What evidence can the client demand with this billing model? Possible billing models for contracts for work and services In principle, the following models can be used for billing contracts for work and [...]
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Subcontractor orders

Awarding contracts to subcontractors: how to save time and resources

Do you have staff shortages and need a quick and efficient solution to save time and resources and realise your project on time? Companies in Bavaria and throughout Germany are actively looking for reliable subcontractors for their orders. 1. why award contracts to subcontractors? Many companies in Bavaria and Germany are affected by staff shortages. Often [...]
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subcontractors from eastern europe

Legal aspects of building with foreign subcontractors - what is important

Construction with foreign subcontractors, especially from Eastern Europe, can offer many advantages. These include low-cost labour and specialist expertise. However, there are important legal aspects that need to be considered. What are the legal aspects of building with foreign subcontractors? In this article, we explain what is legally important when building with foreign subcontractors. Advantages [...]
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co-operation with subcontractors

How do new technologies and digital tools influence collaboration with subcontractors?

The construction industry has undergone significant changes in recent years through the use of new technologies and digital tools. These developments have revolutionised collaboration with subcontractors. Processes can be organised more efficiently and the quality of work is increased. Communication is also improved. How is the construction industry being digitalised? When it comes to digitalisation, [...]
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subcontractor contract construction

Essential components of subcontractor contracts in the construction industry

Subcontractor contracts play a decisive role in the construction industry. Here, the various tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined. At the same time, they ensure that projects are completed efficiently and successfully. These contracts are complex and contain numerous clauses and provisions that need to be carefully drafted to minimise legal and financial risks. 10 points that form part of the subcontractor contract [...]
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subcontractor subcontractor

Difference between main contractors and subcontractors

As you may know, the construction industry is very complex. Many people work together to complete a construction project. The main contractor and subcontractor are the two central links here. What are the main contractor and subcontractor and how do they differ? The main contractor, also known as the general contractor, is the construction company that concludes the main contract with the client [...]
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Subcontractors in the construction industry

Why you need subcontractors: Differences between subcontractors and sub-subcontractors

Subcontractors play an important role in today's economy, but so do subcontractors. Why do you need subcontractors and what are the differences? In this article, we will discuss why you need subcontractors. We will also explain the differences between subcontractors and sub-subcontractors. What is a subcontractor? A subcontractor is an independent contractor who has been awarded a contract by a [...]
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Subcontractor orders

Preparing for sending employees abroad: steps and cultural challenges

When it comes to sending employees abroad, companies need to prepare for a number of challenges. How can you prepare for sending employees abroad? What are the cultural challenges? In this article, we discuss the necessary steps to take when sending employees abroad. We also look at potential cultural challenges. Necessary steps [...]
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employee secondment

Alternatives to traditional employee secondment: virtual teams, local recruitment.

In a globalised world, there are alternatives to the traditional secondment of employees. These include virtual teams and local recruitment. What are the alternatives to traditional employee secondment? This article presents some of these options and shows how they support companies. In this way, companies can achieve their goals and increase their efficiency. Employee secondment vs. virtual teams The traditional [...]
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