work contract

Correct invoicing of work contracts

If work is carried out by an external company on the basis of a contract for work and labour, the question arises as to how the services provided are invoiced by the contractor. Among other things, billing on an hourly wage basis is possible. What evidence can the client demand with this billing model? Possible billing models for contracts for work and services In principle, the following models can be used for billing contracts for work and [...]
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Subcontractor orders

Preparing for sending employees abroad: steps and cultural challenges

When it comes to sending employees abroad, companies need to prepare for a number of challenges. How can you prepare for sending employees abroad? What are the cultural challenges? In this article, we discuss the necessary steps to take when sending employees abroad. We also look at potential cultural challenges. Necessary steps [...]
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employee secondment

Alternatives to traditional employee secondment: virtual teams, local recruitment.

In a globalised world, there are alternatives to the traditional secondment of employees. These include virtual teams and local recruitment. What are the alternatives to traditional employee secondment? This article presents some of these options and shows how they support companies. In this way, companies can achieve their goals and increase their efficiency. Employee secondment vs. virtual teams The traditional [...]
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A1 certificate

Posting abroad: Carrying an A1 certificate is mandatory

The so-called A1 certificate is an important document when employees are posted to work in other EU countries. Here you can find out more about the purpose of the A1 certificate, who needs it, which countries it applies to and where the certificate must be applied for. Employees are generally subject to the social security regulations of the country in which they are employed. But how [...]
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International broadcast

Worldwide secondment of subcontractors

The supply from the standard in addition to customised construction products have brought towards the development of property sector in addition to various allied sectors. Furthermore, consistent development and research is built to provide using the most suitable products.
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