subcontractor civil engineering

Subcontractors in the construction industry: reasons for using them, problems, challenges, what to look out for and how to find the right one

Subcontractors play a key role in the construction industry. They bring specialised skills and knowledge that are crucial to the successful completion of construction projects. However, the use of subcontractors can also present a number of challenges and problems. Successful collaboration with subcontractors requires clear communication, detailed contracts, regular quality checks and the establishment of long-term [...]
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Subcontractor orders

Awarding contracts to subcontractors: how to save time and resources

Do you have staff shortages and need a quick and efficient solution to save time and resources and realise your project on time? Companies in Bavaria and throughout Germany are actively looking for reliable subcontractors for their orders. 1. why award contracts to subcontractors? Many companies in Bavaria and Germany are affected by staff shortages. Often [...]
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subcontractors from eastern europe

Legal aspects of building with foreign subcontractors - what is important

Construction with foreign subcontractors, especially from Eastern Europe, can offer many advantages. These include low-cost labour and specialist expertise. However, there are important legal aspects that need to be considered. What are the legal aspects of building with foreign subcontractors? In this article, we explain what is legally important when building with foreign subcontractors. Advantages [...]
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subcontractor contract construction

Essential components of subcontractor contracts in the construction industry

Subcontractor contracts play a decisive role in the construction industry. Here, the various tasks and responsibilities are clearly defined. At the same time, they ensure that projects are completed efficiently and successfully. These contracts are complex and contain numerous clauses and provisions that need to be carefully drafted to minimise legal and financial risks. 10 points that form part of the subcontractor contract [...]
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Subcontractors in the construction industry

The advantages of subcontractors in the construction industry: efficient outsourcing for your construction projects

The construction industry is constantly faced with the challenge of realising projects efficiently and cost-effectively. This is where the use of subcontractors offers a strategic solution. The use of subcontractors in construction can offer a variety of benefits, ranging from cost savings to specialised expertise. In this article, we discuss the key benefits of subcontracting. In [...]
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