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Subcontractors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Eastern Europe

Looking for a subcontractor for demolition work?

We place qualified subcontractors in the following areas Demolition. Our comprehensive service offers you access to experienced Skilled labour from abroadwho are prepared to Demolition projects cost-efficiently and safely. Our subcontractors have the necessary expertise and equipment to master complex demolition work.

Our services include the Procurement of subcontractors from Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Eastern Europe that specialise in various types of demolition work:

Building demolition
Interior demolition
Technical dismantling
Waste disposal
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Subcontractors from EU

Use of specialised equipment for demolition work

Our subcontractors use the latest specialised equipment to carry out even complex demolition work efficiently and safely. This includes

Hydraulic demolition grabs: For precise and controlled dismantling of concrete and steel structures.
Demolition hammers and chisels: For crushing large pieces of concrete and masonry.
Scissor excavators: For the demolition of large buildings and industrial plants

Environmental and nature conservation during demolition work

Our experienced subcontractors from Eastern Europe pay attention to environmental and nature conservation during the demolition work. We implement measures to minimise the environmental impact, such as

Dust minimisation measures: Use of water mist and covers to reduce dust formation.
Noise protection: Use of sound-insulating equipment and protective walls.
Energy efficiency: Use of energy-efficient machines and tools.

Authorisation procedure and legal requirements for the use of subcontractors

Subcontractors from Poland and other Eastern European countries are generally subject to the same legal requirements as all other subcontractors.

First of all, you need to make sure that the subcontractor has all the necessary permits and licences to operate in your country. This includes a business licence and possibly also special permits depending on the industry.

You must also ensure that the subcontractor fulfils all legal requirements regarding occupational health and safety and social security. This includes, among other things, compliance with minimum wage regulations and the existence of valid liability insurance.

In some cases, it may also be necessary for the subcontractor to provide a surety or guarantee to ensure that it can fulfil its contractual obligations.

It is advisable to find out exactly what the legal requirements and authorisation procedures are before starting to work with a subcontractor from Poland or another Eastern European country in order to avoid potential problems in advance.

Project management and scheduling

Our subcontractors provide comprehensive project management and precise scheduling to ensure your demolition projects are completed on time. This includes:

Creation of detailed schedules: To structure the course of the project.
Continuous monitoring: Regular updates and reports on the progress of the project.
Coordination with other trade businesses: Ensuring a smooth process through close co-operation.

Sustainability and recycling in demolition

Sustainability and recycling are also playing an increasingly important role in demolition. When working with subcontractors, it is therefore important to ensure that they also implement sustainable practices and recycling measures.

One important aspect is the separation and recycling of waste. Our subcontractors ensure that waste such as metals, plastics, wood and construction waste is separated and disposed of properly. This means that many materials can be recycled and reused, which not only protects the environment but also saves costs.

In addition, our subcontractors pay attention to Environmentally friendly demolition methodsthat reduce energy consumption and minimise emissions. This is achieved, for example, by using quieter and lower-emission machines or by using recyclable materials when reusing building materials.

It is important that you, as the client, set clear requirements for your subcontractors and make appropriate agreements on sustainability and recycling in the contracts. You should also carry out regular checks to ensure that the agreed measures are actually being implemented. Through good cooperation and communication with your subcontractors, you can jointly help to minimise the impact of demolition on the environment and promote sustainable practices.

Safety measures and occupational health and safety during demolition work

We attach great importance to the safety of your employees and the Compliance with regulations. Here are some of the points we take into account:

Training and certifications: Our subcontractors are trained and certified in the latest safety standards and practices.
Protective clothing and equipment: Provision of suitable protective clothing and equipment for all employees on the construction site.
Hazard analysis and risk assessment: Carrying out comprehensive hazard analyses and risk assessments before starting demolition work.
Emergency plans: Development and implementation of emergency plans for various scenarios that could occur during demolition work.
Regular safety inspections: Conduct regular safety inspections to ensure that all regulations are being followed and working conditions are safe.
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