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Skilled labour from Poland & Eastern Europe

Procurement of subcontractors for fibre optic projects

Do you need qualified fibre optic subcontractors for your fibre optic projects? We are your reliable partner and can provide you with certified fibre optic subcontractors quickly and efficiently. Skilled workers from abroadfibre optic technician, Electrician, Civil engineering worker and others Craftsmen from Poland and Eastern Europe. Whether you are planning the expansion of fibre optic networks, the laying of cables or the maintenance of existing infrastructures - we offer you the right solutions. Subcontractor for both the main and secondary trades in the construction industry. Are you looking for skilled workers for your fibre optic projects? We have the solution.

Why skilled workers from Poland and Eastern Europe?

Subcontractor placement from PolandCzech Republic, Slovakia and Eastern Europe is not limited to managers for top positions. This service is also often required for everyday and specialised professions such as fibre optic expansion, electrical engineering, civil engineering or industry. There is an acute shortage of skilled labour, particularly in the construction industry, which can be filled by qualified Workers from Eastern Europeespecially from Poland, can be effectively remedied.

Advantages of recruitment from Eastern Europe

Polish fibre optics Subcontractor and specialised companies are widespread in Germany. We provide qualified fibre optic technicians and craftsmen from Poland and Eastern Europe for your projects. These technicians specialise in the installation, repair and maintenance of fibre optic networks and replace old lines with new, high-performance infrastructures as required. Our subcontracted fibre optic technicians work with various materials and technologies to ensure the best possible network quality.

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Subcontractors from EU

Regulations for the secondment of subcontractors

As a personnel service provider From Eastern Europe, we offer more than just the provision of labour from abroad. Our service also includes important information and experience in dealing with the respective labour markets and forms of contract. The legal regulations and administrative procedures in the EU member states are different. If you need to move quickly because your order books are full or the acceptance deadline for a project is approaching, we ensure that the required tradespeople from Eastern Europe are on site quickly and reliably. Further information on the secondment of subcontractors >>>

Challenges in fibre optic expansion

The expansion of fibre optics brings with it numerous technical and organisational challenges:

Technical challenges: The installation and maintenance of fibre optic networks require special expertise and experience. Our specialists are trained in the latest technologies and techniques.
Logistical challenges: Coordinating the work requires precise planning and organisation. Our subcontractors have the necessary experience to complete projects efficiently and on time.
Legal challenges: Temporary employment in the construction industry, which includes fibre optic expansion, is subject to strict legal regulations. Both the hirer and the hirer must be companies in the same sector. Our agency is familiar with these regulations and ensures compliance with them.

Successful cooperation with fibre optic subcontractors is crucial for the smooth running of fibre optic projects. Possible conflicts and uncertainties can be avoided from the outset with solid legal protection. Overall, a contractual basis that covers all relevant aspects is the key to successful and trusting cooperation with subcontractors in the construction industry.

Experience and references

Our agency has many years of experience in the placement of skilled workers and subcontractors from Eastern Europe. Our clients include leading companies in the field of fibre optic expansion who rely on our expertise and our network. Our skilled workers have successfully completed numerous projects and make a significant contribution to the success of our clients.

Our service for you

How the subcontractor placement works

Are you looking for a subcontractor? Let us know your Personnel requirements and we will find suitable subcontractor teams for your order. We take care of all organisational and administrative tasks, handle all forms and approvals and ensure that deadlines, agreements and quality of work are met.

Prices and conditions

We offer fair prices for the placement of skilled labour from Poland and Eastern Europe. Our prices are based on your needs and the specific requirements of your project. We attach great importance to transparency and fairness in our pricing. More information on our prices is available on request.

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