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Kitchen fitter subcontractor wanted? We offer optimal solutions for your kitchen projects

Are you a company looking for highly qualified kitchen fitters to complete your projects efficiently and on time? We are your competent partner for the placement of experienced and reliable subcontractors for kitchen installation. Our comprehensive support ranges from the selection of qualified specialists from Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Eastern Europe to ensuring smooth co-operation in both legal and operational matters. 

Advantages of working with our kitchen fitters

No kitchen can be installed without a good kitchen fitter. Working with our recruitment agency from Eastern Europe offers a number of advantages for the use of subcontractors for kitchen installation:

Expertise and experience: Our kitchen fitters have in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in kitchen construction. They are highly trained and familiar with the latest techniques and trends.
Reliability and adherence to deadlines: Punctuality and reliability are essential for us. Our subcontractors meet deadlines and deliver high-quality work.
Quality and safety standards: Compliance with the highest safety and quality standards is a matter of course for our subcontractors. They always work in compliance with the applicable standards and regulations.
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Our customised placement process

Our recruitment process is carefully designed to provide you with the best service and ensure you find the ideal kitchen fitters for your projects. Here are the steps we take to fulfil your requirements:

  1. Needs analysisWe determine your specific needs and requirements in detail in order to identify suitable subcontractors.
  2. Network researchWith the help of our extensive network, we search for qualified kitchen fitters who are a perfect match for your project.
  3. Testing and selectionWe thoroughly screen potential subcontractors based on their experience, expertise and references.
  4. Contract negotiationsOur experts support you in contract negotiations to ensure fair and clear conditions.
  5. Integration and monitoringWe support the integration of subcontractors into your projects and continuously monitor their performance.
  6. Feedback and adjustmentsWe regularly collect feedback and make adjustments to fulfil your expectations at all times.

We offer cross-industry subcontractor services

In addition to kitchen installation, our subcontractors also offer services in other sectors that could be of interest to your company:

Transport and logistics: Our subcontractors in the transport and logistics sector handle lorry transports, courier services and special transports reliably and on time.
IT services: For IT projects, we offer subcontractors for software development, network installations and IT support who will competently realise your projects.

Successful collaboration with subcontractors is crucial for the smooth running of projects. Possible conflicts and uncertainties can be avoided from the outset with solid legal protection. Overall, a contractual basis that covers all relevant aspects is the key to successful and trusting collaboration with subcontractors in kitchen installation.

Success factors for the selection of kitchen fitters

Choosing the right kitchen fitters is crucial to the success of your projects. Here are the most important criteria that we take into account:

Experience and qualifications: Our subcontractors must be demonstrably experienced and qualified. References and previous projects serve as indicators of the quality of their work.
Reliability and punctuality: Delays can have serious consequences. That's why we make sure that we only use reliable subcontractors who meet deadlines.
Compliance with standards: Our subcontractors fulfil high safety and quality standards, which are essential for the success of your projects.
Fair pricing: Transparent and fair pricing is a must for us. We ensure that the conditions are in line with market conditions and that you do not have to compromise on quality.

Round-the-clock service for your requirements

Successful cooperation with competent subcontractors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Eastern Europe is crucial for your projects. We offer you a 24-hour service to ensure that you receive support at all times. Through clear communication and transparent contractual agreements, we avoid conflicts and guarantee the highest quality of service.


Our experienced recruiters are on hand to help you find the best subcontracted kitchen fitters for your specific requirements and ensure successful integration into your projects. From the initial contact to the successful delivery of services, we will support you every step of the way.

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We only place verified subcontractors from Poland, Slovakia & the Czech Republic with the best professional qualifications, top professions from Trade, industry, production, warehousing or construction.