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    Solar subcontractors
    Solar experts from Eastern Europe

    Subcontractors for photovoltaics

    Regardless of whether you are looking for a specialised solar company to install your photovoltaic system or whether you are a subcontractor for the installation of photovoltaic systems: We support you!

    You are looking for a specialised photovoltaic company or personnel for the planning & installation of your photovoltaic system? We provide the best temporary workers and subcontractors from Eastern Europe: solar technicians, photovoltaic electricians, fitters and installers. 

    As a subcontractor from Poland, the Czech Republic or Slovakia, you can save time searching for orders. This is because we arrange the orders for you from the companies in Europe. Installation is then your speciality. We offer you worldwide projects, take care of organisation, contracts and permits. We also organise your accommodation at the place of work and provide on-site support. 

    We communicate to our customers:

    Solar engineers for the planning of photovoltaic systems
    Certified electricians
    Photovoltaic electrician for AC connection and commissioning
    Photovoltaic installers from certified specialist solar companies
    Craftsmen such as heating technicians
    Specialist photovoltaic companies from the EU with many years of experience in planning and installation

    We offer you:

    Transparent prices

    Tested subcontractors with the best professional qualifications at fair prices

    Fast availability

    Our subcontractor teams speak German, are available quickly and can be deployed flexibly.

    Worldwide mediation

    Our subcontractors are used to working at locations worldwide within a short space of time.

    We offer subcontractors:

    Numerous assembly orders
    Scalability & planning security
    7-day settlement & fair payment
    Delivery of assembly materials
    Organisation, work permits
    Arrival, accommodation & on-site support

    What can you expect as a subcontractor for the installation of photovoltaic systems?

    As a subcontractor for photovoltaic systems, you will ensure that our customers' PV systems are professionally installed on the roofs. Whether flat, pitched or gabled roofs, you will install the substructure and solar modules and route the electronics to the inverter. In other words, you make electricity production on the roof possible and bring the energy from there to the socket. A responsible and future-proof task that is very environmentally friendly.  

    Contact us and let us supply your company with the numerous subcontractor orders abroad. Become our partner for the installation of solar systems. We look forward to hearing from you!

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    Secondment of subcontractors

    What do I need to bear in mind when seconding photovoltaic companies from Eastern Europe?

    The secondment of specialised photovoltaic companies, i.e. the temporary secondment of subcontractors from abroad to carry out work, is subject to various legal framework conditions and regulations. These include

    • Free movement of labour: Employees within the European Union generally have the right to work in another EU country.
    • Secondment laws: The laws and regulations governing the posting of workers in both the country of origin and the destination country regulate working conditions, minimum wage, working hours and social security.
    • Secondment certificate: The certificate of posting states that the posted employees are still covered by social insurance in their country of origin. This certificate must be issued when the employees are posted and presented to the authorities in the destination country.
    • Reporting obligations: Companies that post employees to another country are often obliged to notify the relevant authorities and submit certain forms or documents

    It is important that companies wishing to post employees carefully check and comply with the specific legal requirements and regulations in both the country of origin and the destination country in order to avoid legal problems or violations.

    Are you a subcontractor looking for an order for the installation of a photovoltaic system or a company looking for solar technicians from the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Poland for your projects? Get in touch with us! We can help you with all questions relating to photovoltaic installation & assembly. We send qualified solar technicians and photovoltaic fitters from Eastern Europe for assignments in Europe and worldwide!

    Frequently asked questions

    The installation of a photovoltaic system may only be carried out by specialists who have the appropriate qualifications and certificates. This includes electricians with special additional training in the field of photovoltaics and specialists in solar technology. Proper installation is crucial for the safety and efficiency of the system as well as for compliance with legal regulations and standards.
    As a rule, a photovoltaic system may only be commissioned by a certified electrician or a qualified solar technology specialist. These persons should have the necessary expertise and qualifications to ensure that the system has been properly installed and complies with the applicable regulations. In some countries, there may also be specific certifications or authorisations required to commission a PV system. It is important to ensure that the installation and commissioning of the system is carried out by qualified professionals to ensure safe and efficient utilisation.
    Photovoltaics (PV) is considered commercial if the PV system is used for commercial purposes to generate revenue or to meet the electricity needs of a commercial operation. Typical examples of commercial PV systems are those installed on the roofs of companies, factories, warehouses, office buildings, farms or other commercial facilities.

    In contrast, PV systems for pure self-consumption in private households are generally not considered commercial. However, the definition of "commercial" can vary depending on the country and the laws and regulations applicable there. In some cases, PV systems in public institutions or for non-profit organisations can also be considered commercial.