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We place subcontractors for the construction industry in the electrical, HVAC/HVAC, welding and industrial sectors. As the interface between client and subcontractor, we support you with our many years of experience in personnel placement. We send subcontractors from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia to Europe. We can find you certified construction specialists worldwide: roofers, painters, construction workers, craftsmen from Eastern Europe for refurbishment, interior work, structural and civil engineering, road construction or bridge building. 

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Regulations for the secondment of subcontractors

Many companies now cover their labour needs by sending workers from Eastern Europe. There is a shortage of labour in many areas in Germany. Qualified subcontractors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Eastern Europe are the solution. 

The secondment of subcontractors from abroad to Germany is subject to certain legal regulations. Firstly, the company from the Czech Republic or Slovakia must be legally registered in its home country. It must then apply for a certificate of posting that covers social security and taxes. This certificate must be presented to the German authorities. During the posting, the German labour laws apply to the subcontractor's employees, particularly with regard to minimum wage, working hours and occupational safety. Compliance with these regulations is monitored by the German authorities.

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The most important points in the contractual relationship with subcontractors in the construction industry

Precise description of the work to be carried out, deadlines and schedules, the qualifications of the subcontractors and provisions for cancelling the contract.
Provisions on liability and insurance, clear regulations on claims for damages, insurance policies and limitations of liability.
Payment modalities, agreements on remuneration, payment deadlines and invoicing methods.
Conflict resolution clause

Successful cooperation with subcontractors in the construction industry is crucial for the smooth running of construction projects. Possible conflicts and uncertainties can be avoided from the outset with solid legal protection. Overall, a contractual basis that covers all relevant aspects is the key to successful and trusting cooperation with subcontractors in the construction industry.

The contract for work

To be legally recognised as To work as a subcontractor you need a contract.  With a Contract for work The contract specifies which tasks are to be completed in which period and what remuneration has been agreed.

Details of the contract for work can be found in the BGB §§631 ff. to read more. Only a selection of the most important key points are briefly described here:

  • Service description
  • Price and terms of payment
  • Rights and obligations
  • Working hours and location
  • Quality standards
  • Communication and reporting
  • Changes and additional services

International subcontractors in construction

Subcontractors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and all over the world have the opportunity to work as subcontractors in the construction sector on large international projects and gain new experience. Subcontractor orders are divided up so that several subcontractors can work together. With the subcontractors on site, the construction projects get rolling. The calculation risk is borne by the subcontractor, complete partial services are taken on by arrangement. If employees fall ill and disrupt the project schedule, the dedicated subcontractors from Poland and Eastern Europe are there to minimise possible absences. Responsibilities must be clearly discussed to ensure successful cooperation between the subcontractors.

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The willingness to work together with other subcontractors on a large construction project is promising. Knowledge of the tasks of the co-operating subcontractors is imparted in order to achieve the goal together. Inadequate work by one subcontractor is avoided so as not to jeopardise the follow-up work of the next subcontractor. Cooperation is not just grey theory, but is put into practice on a daily basis. There is a shortage of skilled labour, especially in the construction sector, because not every company has the opportunity to hire employees on a long-term basis. Subcontractors are an alternative way of bridging the difficult start-up phase of a new company. 

The more precise the planning and coordination, the better the joint result. Dedicated subcontractors bring a breath of fresh air to the construction project and constant quality controls ensure success on the construction site. In the contract with the new subcontractor, the specifications for the construction are explained in detail so that they are comprehensible. Construction site apps improve contact on the construction site, keeping all parties in touch. The paperless construction site can be implemented step by step, and the digital accessibility of subcontractors ensures short distances. Good communication with all subcontractors avoids unnecessary traffic jams. 
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