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Are you looking for subcontractors in the fields of electrics, electrical engineering, automation technology or cable construction?

We provide the best qualified teams in the fields of electrics and cable technology as well as experienced switch cabinet builders and industrial electricians. Our subcontractor teams from Poland, the Czech Republic or Slovakia are well equipped and experienced, speak German and can be on site within 7 days.

You too can benefit from our international network and our many years of experience in country requirements and laws! For your customised team of electrical specialists, we are at your disposal with selected specialists from the following areas:

Building electrician
Lighting technician
Cable technician
Automation technician
Photovoltaic fitters
Industrial installations
Switch cabinet construction
Electrical helper
Electrical engineer
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Solar subcontractors

Advantages of working with subcontractors electricians from Poland & Eastern Europe

Working with Polish subcontracted electricians offers companies numerous advantages. Subcontracted electricians from Poland and Eastern Europe have a high level of expertise and many years of experience in the electrical industry, which guarantees reliable and high-quality work. Due to the Procurement of Polish subcontractors companies can react flexibly to personnel requirements and benefit from a cost-efficient solution. The subcontracted electricians from Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are internationally trained and not only speak German, but are also proficient in industry-specific standards. The close cooperation with Eastern European subcontractors enables a smooth workflow and efficient realisation of projects. Subcontracted electricians from Poland are known for their reliability and commitment, so a long-term partnership is of great benefit to companies in the electrical industry.

Advantages for main clients

Top price-performance ratio
Minimisation of administrative effort
Order-related deployment of suitable specialists from the electrical industry
No long-term commitment periods
Qualified subcontractors are available at short notice

The international experience and professional expertise of subcontracted electricians are valuable assets for any company in the industry. In addition, cost-efficient co-operation with subcontractors from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Eastern Europe enables you to handle your projects efficiently and profitably. The close connection between German electricians and Polish subcontractors creates a win-win situation from which both sides can benefit.

Cost efficiency when commissioning Polish subcontractors

By working with subcontracted electricians from Poland and Eastern Europe, companies can make significant savings without compromising on quality. The cheaper labour costs and efficient working methods of foreign professionals allow electricians to offer competitive prices while improving their profit margins. In addition, Polish subcontractors are often flexible in terms of contract design and can cater to the individual needs of clients. This cost-effective solution is particularly attractive for companies in the electrical industry looking for high quality work at an affordable price. By hiring Polish subcontractors, electricians can complete their projects on time and within budget.

Advantages for the subcontracted electrician

Working with German companies as a subcontractor offers electricians numerous advantages that justify their decision in favour of this type of employment. One key aspect is the opportunity to gain valuable experience in an international working environment. Through projects in Germany, they can expand their expertise and develop new skills in the electrical industry.

Flexibility: As a subcontractor, electricians can organise their working hours flexibly and choose projects that suit their preferences and skills.
Variety of projects: Subcontractors have the opportunity to take part in a variety of projects and thus expand their knowledge and skills in different areas of electrical engineering.
Earning potential: Subcontractors often have the opportunity to earn more than permanent employees, as they can set their own prices and are not dependent on a fixed salary.
Networking opportunities: By working as a subcontractor, electricians can expand their network and make new contacts, which can open up further career opportunities.

Are you a subcontracted electrician looking for work? Then you've come to the right place. We can quickly and easily find subcontractor assignments for you in Europe and worldwide. 

Required documents for subcontracted electricians

The following documents are usually required for subcontractors from Poland who wish to work in Germany:

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Polish subcontractors - top quality at the best price for electricians

In a constantly evolving industry where quality and efficiency are top priorities, Polish electrician subcontractors are undoubtedly the ideal choice. Thanks to their expertise and many years of experience in the field of electrical installations, they offer a high level of competence and reliability. Working with electrician subcontractors from Poland allows companies to rely on qualified workers who meet internationally recognised standards. In addition, Polish electricians score points with their flexibility and a strong sense of precision in the execution of projects. The cost-effectiveness of hiring Polish subcontractors makes them an attractive option for companies in the industry. With Polish subcontractors, electricians not only receive top quality, but also unbeatable value for money.

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