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    Welders & Fitters - Subcontractors

    Are you a subcontractor TIG welderMIG / MAG welder, electric welder, Locksmiths and metalworkers from Poland, the Czech Republic or Slovakia? We are looking for certified subcontractor teams for secondments to Europe and worldwide. We offer you:

    Orders in Europe & worldwide
    7-day settlement & fair payment
    Organisation, work permits, authorisation system
    Arrival, accommodation & on-site support

    We place numerous orders for welders and fitters from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland in Germany and abroad. As an experienced personnel service provider, we specialise in the placement of skilled workers for assignments abroad. Contact us if you have the necessary qualifications and references in these areas:

    Pipe welder
    Arc welding
    Plastic welding
    Aluminium welding
    Gas-shielded arc welding
    Metal inert gas welding
    Electric welding
    Machine fitter
    Pipe fitter
    Art locksmith
    Sheet metal worker
    Steel/metal construction fitter
    Pipe fitter
    Company fitter
    secondment abroad
    subcontractor welder

    We fulfil all the requirements for sending subcontractors abroad

    We fulfil all legal requirements and prerequisites for the secondment of skilled workers from abroad:

    1. Work permits & visas: We take care of all the necessary documents and authorisations for issuing work permits.
    1. Social security and taxes: We ensure that all social security contributions are properly paid and that tax obligations are fulfilled.
    1. We close Labour contracts with the subcontractors, who determine the exact conditions of the assignment, the remuneration, the working hours, the tasks and all other relevant provisions.
    1. We ensure that the subcontractors fulfil the required Health and safety regulations and offer appropriate working conditions. We also clarify issues such as working hours, rest breaks and holiday entitlement.
    1. Communication and collaborationWe ensure clear communication and close co-operation with the subcontractors from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland to ensure a smooth deployment abroad.
    Trust our experience and expertise. Contact us today and secure your orders abroad.
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    Are you looking for orders in Germany or throughout Europe? Or are you looking for subcontractors for your project? Then contact us without obligation! We will help you to find a subcontractor or qualified subcontractor for your project quickly and easily. 

    We only place verified subcontractors from Poland, Slovakia & the Czech Republic with the best professional qualifications, top professions from Trade, industry, production, warehousing or construction.