Secondment of electricians, kitchen helpers, technicians, cleaners, etc.

Subcontractors from Hungary

Zeitarbeit International is your reliable partner for the Procurement of qualified subcontractors and skilled labour from Hungary. Our service covers the entire organisation, from recruitment through to Subcontractor Secondment. With our support, you can be sure that your projects will run smoothly and efficiently.

Legally compliant value entries

Our subcontractors have impeccable references, clearance certificates and exemptions.

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German-speaking staff

Our subcontractors from the Czech Republic, Slovakia or Slovenia speak German and can be at the place of work within 7 days.

Are you looking for reliable subcontractors or personnel from Hungary?

As your reliable partner for the placement of qualified Subcontractors and specialists from from abroad we offer you complete support, covering all phases from the selection of specialists to their deployment on site. Hungary is an excellent location for recruiting qualified specialists for several reasons:

Strong education system: The country has a strong education system that produces highly qualified graduates, particularly in technical and skilled trades. Hungarian educational institutions attach great importance to practice-orientated training, which ensures that graduates not only have theoretical knowledge, but also practical skills.
High work ethic and reliability: Hungarian workers are characterised by a high work ethic and reliability. They are known for their diligence, precision and commitment, which makes them valuable team members. These qualities help to ensure that projects are not only completed on time, but also to a high quality.
Stable economic and political situation: Hungary offers a stable economic and political environment that creates a favourable environment for business relationships. This facilitates the process of recruiting and seconding skilled labour and makes it smooth and efficient. The favourable geographical location in Central Europe also simplifies transport and logistics.
Language skills: Many Hungarian professionals speak English and often also German, which facilitates communication and supports the integration process in international teams. The cultural proximity to Western Europe also facilitates cooperation and mutual understanding.

These advantages make Hungary an excellent place to recruit qualified and committed professionals for various industries.

We send experienced subcontractors from Hungary

subcontractors from hungary



Building trade

Important documents for posting from Hungary

In order to attract subcontractors from Hungarycertain documents are required. These include clear Employment contracts, specific Work permits per by duration and type of employment and Proof of insurancewhich ensure that the skilled workers are adequately covered. These documents are crucial in order to avoid legal and administrative problems and to ensure a smooth secondment. More about posting employees abroad >>>

Legally compliant contracts for work

When contracts are awarded to external companies, this is often done on the basis of a contract for work and labour. Read about the rights and obligations of the client and contractor, what regulations a contract for work and labour should contain and how the contract for work and labour differs from other contract models.

For certain activities, it is advisable not to have them carried out by your own staff, but to commission an external company to do so. A contract for work and labour is then often concluded. In this contract model, there are various reciprocal obligations between the client (customer) and the contractor (contractor). Learn more >>>

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Your advantages as a company

Working with subcontractors from Hungary offers numerous advantages: 

Cost minimisation: Lower wage and operating costs in Eastern European countries lead to cheaper labour and a reduction in project costs
Expertise: Collaboration with highly qualified professionals in various fields, including engineering, information technology, industry, product and more.
Fast availability: Highly qualified, German-speaking subcontractors available within the shortest possible time and can be deployed flexibly.

Our service for subcontractors and personnel from Hungary

Our comprehensive service ensures that the Cooperation with subcontractors from Hungary runs smoothly and efficiently. We take care of all phases, from selection to deployment, and offer you the following services:

We only mediate Certified subcontractorsto ensure that all specialists are thoroughly tested and qualified. Our Expertise enables us to find the right specialists for various sectors such as construction, IT, production and skilled trades.

We also offer a Complete service for the Secondment. We organise all the necessary steps to ensure that the specialists are ready for deployment quickly and efficiently. Our aim is to provide you with the best professionals and make the entire process as simple as possible. With our service, you can rest assured that your projects will be handled by competent specialists be supported.

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How the subcontractor placement works

Are you looking for a subcontractor? Let us know your Personnel requirements and we will find suitable subcontractor teams for your order. We take care of all organisational and administrative tasks, handle all forms and approvals and ensure that deadlines, agreements and quality of work are met.